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Linkin Park - Rollin´ In The Deep (Adele Cover live @ LPU Summit Hamburg 2011)

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Linkin Park - "Rollin´ In The Deep" (Adele cover live @ LPU Summit Hamburg 2011) - Awesome live performance by Chester Bennington and Mike Shinoda. They also performed the song a few days later at the iTunes Festival 2011. Mike used a piano instead of a guitar.Wanna have the song on your MP3-player?No problem,just surf on the Url of the video in the first box "Videolink" and select mp3 (for music only) or mp4 (itunes, iphone, etc) for audio and video in the second pulldown menu.You don´t have to change the settings.Just check the little box "Ja, ich stimme den Nutzungsbedingungen zu" and click on "Weiter". You are confirming to accept the terms of use. Some terms you are confirming is, that the files are only for private use, porn is not allowed, etc.If you want to have translated the rest of the terms just copy the text into the google translator :-)The video will be converted in the format you selected. After that, you just have to Download the is a legal site and works for all videos on youtube. :-)

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